Since being very young I have always loved drawing and creating, making and developing, exploring and learning.


In 2015 I challenged my then boyfriend (and now husband) to make me an advent calendar and I would do the same for him – I made a tree out of paper and chose 24 random single records from the 80s as he loves music – let’s just say not many of them got played more than once – and he gave me a section of art equipment; one day pencils, another a sketch pad, a few little inspirational messages, some mini easels. This led me to set a new year’s resolution in 2016 to do a drawing a day (I try to set a thing to do, rather than things not to do, seems more positive that way).


So I completed a drawing a day, every day, of what ended up being a very fun, exciting but slightly turbulent year – getting a new job, moving countries, moving house 4 times – and this drawing a day did not only help me re-find my creative side, give me stability, and provided a visual memory of every day of 2016, but it also set me on a course to two and a half years later starting my own creative business.


So this is where Sarah Anne Draws came from (well on top of the many years of creative time spent making, sewing, drawing and crafting with my mum as a child), and originally was planned to be a way to be creative and to travel in 2020. Then as we all know travel has sort of gone out of the window this year (as to be honest did my creativity for a little while) - but I’m now settled in Yorkshire and back to making and creating, drawing and painting, cutting and sticking, printing and designing and I am very happy to be able to share my creations with you.


I create drawings, prints and cards, and am beginning to add textiles - where my experience lies prior to starting my business - to my range, and I now I have a place to keep everything, rather than just a suitcase or two).

I make custom drawings, illustrations, and invitations; as well as colouring prints to fit your room scheme and personalising designs for special occasions. I also work with other small businesses creating logos and designs; and am happy to discuss collaborations or ideas that you think I could help you with.


One other thing you should know – and one of the most important - is that sustainability is at the heart of my work; I don’t think that we should create anything new without first thinking what might happen to it when it is no longer needed – and for this reason all my work is on or made from renewable or recyclable materials, and where possible made from recycled materials. I reduce packaging where possible, and the packing that I use is enough to protect the items inside but no more, and recycled and recyclable. I also aim to ensure the inks and dyes that I use are sustainable and vegan where possible – though this is still something that I am trying to get clarification on (as often certification of this is not available).


If you would like to know more, have some ideas that you want to discuss; or have some ideas for collaboration then please get in touch.

Days to look forward to, with simple celebrations, and room for hope as we move into the spring

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