a little bit about me

drawing, creating and design

Hello, I'm Sarah Anne and I create simple, honest + sustainable prints, illustrations + designs.

Since being very young I have always loved drawing and creating, making, exploring and learning. In 2016 a resolution to do a drawing a day, then two years living in Scandinavia, led me to create my own calm, natural illustrations and Sarah Anne Draws was born.

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Sustainability, natural calm, simplicity and happiness are at the heart of what I do, I don’t think that we should create anything new without first thinking where it comes from, how it is made, and what might happen to it when it is no longer needed – for this reason all my work uses renewable or recyclable materials, sustainable inks or dyes, and local suppliers. 

I work out of a small home office in York - where I live with my photographer and video making husband - and it is where most of my designs are created.  My background is in textiles, product development, process and product engineering and I love to collaborate with others to create sustainable products and designs. 

As well as creating cards and prints I also create logos and designs for small businesses, offer graphic design and illustration services to individuals and complete custom designs and creations for those who want something a little different too.

If you'd like to hear a little bit more about my journey then head over to my podcast with York Creatives, or you can see a little clip of it here.

New collection coming soon…

Days to look forward to, with simple celebrations, and room for hope as we move into the spring