Mindful colouring design inspired by yoga and strength.


The lines are a little wobbly so it doesn't matter if you colour within them or outside. Once downloaded you can print as many as you would like (within 30 days), so all the little/ or bigger hands at home can have a go.⁠


Great for an activity on a winter evening, to get away from screens, find a little calm and mindfulness. Also great as a mid afternoon creative activity when homeschooling comes to an end but you still have lots of work to be getting on with.




Mindful Colouring - Finding Balance

  • Download for individual customer only, you may print multiple copies for personal use.

    For print on paper only, design should not be reused or redstributed without prior permission of Sarah Anne Draws.


    Link valid for 30 days from purchase.

  • If you dont have a printer but would still like to colour in the design then I can print and send to you, on recycled 250-300 gsm paper (great for paint, pens or pencils), please choose the Mindful colouring, print version from my Mindful store.

Days to look forward to, with simple celebrations, and room for hope as we move into the spring