Lagom is a word I think can help us all to think about sustainability.


Sustainability does not mean to use nothing, it is about being considered in what we take, how we use it and if we are in balance with our surroundings – mentally, physically and environmentally.


Below you can find out about the ways I approach sustainability within Sarah Anne Draws.


Lagom is a Swedish and Norwegian word meaning "just the right amount".

The word can be translated to 

"in moderation","suitable",


and "in balance".




  • In 2021 I am creating smaller more meaningful collections, and your A3 and A4 prints will be printed to order.

  • I print small quantities at a time to avoid unnecessary waste. 

  • I print in standard sizes – this makes the designs more flexible for you – especially when it comes to framing

  • My gift boxes are designed from a single sheet of paper and a natural or recycled ribbon. They can be reused, and easily taken apart and recycled too.

  • I don't use plastics in my products or packaging.




  • All designs are created from my home office in York where I make many of my products

  • My printers and suppliers suppliers are UK based, and most in Yorkshire or the North of England

  • I ask questions to understand the sustainability of a supplier

  • No animal products go into my designs, and they suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

  • You may not know that inks can contain animal products. I have ensured my suppliers do not use animal products in their printing inks.





  • I approach the products I create simply and calmly. Considering where and how they are made, presented and will be used.

  • I aim to bring calm and simplicity with careful colour and material choices. The themes of my designs are often drawn from nature, calm or creative practices.

  • I base collections on sustaining ideas  – mindfulness, calm, simplicity, hope. All these ideas tie closely to how we think about our immediate surroundings, and the things, people and materials around us.






  • I think simple – using one material at a time -  this makes it easier to recycle when something is no longer needed

  • I choose recycled materials, and ensure they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

  • The paper, card, and packaging I use all come from recycled sources

  • The textiles used for my totes is organic cotton and GOTS* certified 






  • My packaging is simple and comes from recycled sources.

  • It protects the product, contains the information you need, but does not use excess.

  • When posting orders, I use recycled tissue paper, paper tape, and reusable boxes.

  • Where material orders come in excess packaging, I challenge this. 

  • Local orders I deliver by hand - either on foot or by bike.





  • Sustainability is a journey, and our understanding of it is changing and evolving.

  • There are still lots of things to learn, and there will be changes to make in the future.

  • I will continue learn and make changes to get nearer to that "balance", "perfect-simple" or lagom state. 

If you have any questions or would like to discus sustainability further - either as a customer or as another small buiness - I would love to hear from you. 


You can get in touch at 

You can also hear me talking a bit more about sustainability and my creative journey by listening to my podcast with York Creatives.

Days to look forward to, with simple celebrations, and room for hope as we move into the spring